Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"What's past is prologue"

I've just returned from my first trip ever as the tour guide of four teenagers
 and I have to tell you my time with them was a true gift.

I am so grateful for the personal commitment each one of them
seemed to have made to be the best "them" that they can be

 Which allowed me to offer them the best I can be

I was able to put my ego down, mentor them in how to maneuver an unfamiliar city 
and feel it all with no pre-conceived expectations

On Friday we passed Shakespeare's quote while attempting to find the entrance
to the National Building of Archives and I was silently moved by it.

"What's past is prologue,"

All day I had been feeling a little giddy by how much I was enjoying
 everyone's company while also quietly processing 
who I had become since my own past trip to DC
as a youth with my family

The quote said it all
What has already happened in our lives merely sets the scene for the great 
stuff to come and it doesn't matter if you are 17 or 65, you get to keep writing the script.

That is powerful stuff.

And we all have a chance to mentor each other in how to be the best we can be
so that we use our power to write deep meaningful stories -

whatever that entails -

and if we refrain from judging each other
truly listen
and offer ourselves open for discussion

this life is amazing and so full of laughter and unexpected joys
 and the strength to survive the dark stuff.

This trip was priceless
a different reason for each of us
but so valuable
 and I am so grateful to everyone that made it possible.

Thank you,

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