Monday, June 30, 2014


Maybe it's the dandelion root tincture I take everyday that I made in the spring,
but I feel simply giddy with joy this summer

Saturday was the Ready by 21 Mentoring party

We held it in the gardens at Edgewood Farm and greeted
everyone with rhubarb cocktails as they arrived
It was a wonderful summer affair

The roses are in bloom

The laundry is on the line

There are fresh flowers from the flower garden in the entrance way

We are eating from the vegetable garden every night

I am in love with Kohlrabi this summer.

Being hypothyroid, eating raw brassicas isn't suggested
So , I've been slicing it and sautéing, with the greens from the bulb too
and it is wonderful!! 

 I'm barefoot in the grass as much as possible
and I've managed to make the days last a bit longer.
You know how?  

I don't take my computer home with me from work.
You would be amazed at how much time you fiddle away on it without even realizing it.

I hope your summer pleasures are many,
 that your days last long and your nights are sweet



This was inspired by Claudette who was making rhubarb juice the day
I went to the farm to scope out how I wanted to lay out the party,

Juice fresh rhubarb 
Claudette cooks hers down and strains it, I put it through my juicer
(Tip: cut it into very small pieces before putting it in your juicer to keep
the fibers from jamming it up - I learned this the hard way)

I warmed the juice and added enough honey to
counter that sour punch and jarred it up.

We served it on ice with a shot of vodka, some seltzer water
and fresh mint.  Delicious

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Crazies

And the season begins...

Two weeks ago Renee and I spent the weekend
in Greenville on Moosehead Lake at the most
wonderful Blair Hill Inn

It rained for two days, which was fine, as I sat perched in this
window seat in our room overlooking this view

Cocktails at 5:30 in the lounge, an extraordinary dinner at 6:30 each night,
the nicest innkeepers ever

The sun came out on our last day and we hiked to a waterfall on 
the Appalachian Trail and ended with BBQ Pork and cole slaw in Munson

All this only three hours away!! 

Then, on the last day of school some of my 
Real World 101 kids came with lobsters
and laughter

and we celebrated the end of a great year

Then, this past weekend was the debut of my
summer entrepreneurial program, Peas in a Pod
The new business owners, pictured above, prepped all day on Friday 

and rocked it on Saturday at the Bridge Celebration on Deer Isle.

They will be selling delicious food three days a week
on the Island this summer for 6 weeks. Tuesdays at the Congregational
Church in Deer Isle, Wednesdays at the DI Farmer's Market across the street
and Thursdays in the PERC parking lot in Stonington.
Rumor has it that I will be teaching them how to make
delicious pies, and they will be taking orders :0)

As I drove over the causeway today returning from Blue Hill,
there were groups of folks splashing it up at that beach,
cars were lined up at Sand Beach, downtown Stonington was
a one lane road, my eggplants have flowers on them

and the Brays brought me the first of this year's strawberries from their garden.

Game on.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014


" Your truth is your truth.
You don't have to make excuses. "

I'm taking this quote and running with it.
My truth -  healthy soil means healthy planet and healthy everything

- I don't need to make excuses for buying organic
and eating non gmo

The look on my guests faces when they eat what I make

And the elation I feel every time I crack
one of these beautiful organic eggs from my friend

and turn it into something luscious like this homemade mayo
is everything I need to believe.

I hope you have a chance to dance
barefoot in the grass as summer wraps her arms around us.

If you are around, stop by Lily's House
to share a moment and a smile

The Wine Bar will be open every Thursday from 4-7
The House Fair is all set for July 20th from 10 - 4
and I'll keep you posted on anything else we cook up