Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Summer Fair!

Here is a little summer fun to look forward to!

 I think Julie did a great job with the design of the poster
 and it makes me feel happy.

If anyone is interested in being a vendor for the House Fair,
 please don't hesitate to contact me.

I hope you are enjoying your day,

Sunday, February 2, 2014


I just spent three days in Washington D.C. at a Mentoring Summit

Over 700 Mentoring professionals gathered and I
have come home inspired, educated and a bit more confident

After listening to everyone speak, I find that RB21 Mentoring
is on the right track, ahead of the curve in some areas,
and very worthy of the attention and dedication that is being
put into it by so many.
(and thank you so much)

I also rocked the Metro in the evenings and met friends at different
hot spots in the city 
I even wore a dress I made
to Zaytinya on Saturday night - how cool is that!?

Thank you to everyone who made this possible

The most remarkable thing I'd like to share about my trip
happened while I was in the airport waiting for my flight on Wednesday

The plane was delayed an hour and I was held hostage
in a room with a giant sized T.V. playing CNN on full blast

(In case this story seems naive of me, I would like to preface it
with the fact that I don't watch television, except football and the occasional
re-runs of Seinfeld and Renee's favorite, Andy Griffith)

The anchor woman was covering the highway disaster that had
occurred in Atlanta after their ice and snow storm

 For 20 minutes I listened in quiet horror
as she twirled and twisted her antagonistic words and attitude
to try to bring about anger, blame and discontent

The awesome thing was,
 the callers WOULDN'T BITE!
They were gracious about their circumstances,
grateful that things weren't any worse than they were
and accepting that all was being done to better a bad situation

Unfortunately the anchor woman's
 sensationalism and attempt of demoralization
continued into each of her stories...

What are we doing?!!

Tomorrow morning,
Amy and I begin teaching this month's
 People Skills class

The topics are teamwork and attitude

We have an exercise planned on "reframing"
- taking a negative attitude about something
and reframing it to see it in a positive light.

I honestly had no idea what we were up against.
If this negative energy is what people
are blasted with everyday while watching the media -

All I can say is;

Turn off your television.