Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A few design moments

I've been meaning to share these little bursts of inspiration
with you all for weeks, but jeez, where is the time going?
I know I keep saying that - but I am really looking forward to gaining
that hour on Sunday

I saw this photo of a carpet sample display in some exotic place
and cannot wait to use it as the design base for my next quilt

Then, my friend Becky - designer extraordinaire-
was telling me about a fireplace she did in a house redo located
on the shores of oyster fishing heaven in Connecticut

She said she placed each shell herself and found the awesome
old barn beam for the mantel among some rubble

How cool is this?!!!!
I love it and the room's neutral palette surrounding the masterpiece
makes the whole thing glow

And,  I finally have had some success with what to do with my curved wall
 and foyer space upstairs at Lily's

While cleaning out my office I found these two black frames
 with an inch of dust on them.
Quick art! Those sweet little birds on the vine are pieces
of fabric that I fussy cut

Then I found these scrolly wall sconces at TJ Max
(on clearance, because who else would buy them?)

Add two neat old cupboards that gave me crazy amounts of
storage space so I could store all the stuff that was cluttering my karmic walkways

And I'm pretty happy with the results

Now if I could find some cool old banister I'd be all set

Hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Union

This pumpkin was (grown) and carved by Debby Chappell
in honor of a small ceremony held last night
to make Renee and my 17 year relationship official.

We both feel such gratefulness for the efforts made
in this country to make this possible and
for the love and support being offered by so many.

I didn't expect the warm safe feeling
that has come along with all this.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

So Many Gifts

My time in Michigan is so centering, last year I came home with a list
of intentions of which I have truly followed through

But after being away for 8 days I am bowled over - deep down inside - at how
luscious it is where I live.

The colors, the light, the depth of texture.  When I woke up on Monday 
and looked out the bedroom window I was awestruck with what
seemed like a 5D snapshot

 It seems that while I was away my garden has become this magical place of intense growth.

All the things I bemoaned not being able to grow this spring
are thriving like crazy

  As I gratefully harvested and thanked all the bounty this afternoon I was reminded of 
a conversation in early summer with Jen from Carding Brook Farm

She said, "your garden will grow what it likes to grow"

I'd like to add to that wise statement,
'in its own time'

What an intense reminder that we all blossom when we are ready,
not when we are forced to.  

Today, I also watched a group of young adults
unexpectedly offer patience, respect and interest to an older adult
as he shared his life story 

It has intensified in me a sense of hope and belief in this young generation 
 and solidified my intention to offer the chance to all of us
to blossom 'in our own time'

And to continue to seek beauty in unexpected places

Enjoy your days,

Monday, October 7, 2013

Michigan, One Last Time

I'm just back from my yearly pilgrimage to White Birch Lodge in Michigan
for what was Gwen Marston's 30th and final quilt retreat here.

My daily message on the day I arrived was this:

Go into this day with your open eyes and your open heart. Allow yourself to exceed any expectations. 

So, I did just that,
 day after day,
and observed the wondrous moments unfold 

80 degrees and sunny on the lake
( I blew off a whole day of quilting to enjoy this day - 
and it rained every day after!)

An eclectic Farmer's Market that included late raspberries, foraged mushrooms
that I had never heard of, purple broccoli and this plumage like blossom

I couldn't resist these italian plums 
I roasted them with a bit of maple syrup and we ate them over
organic greek yogurt with toasted pistachios -YUM!

Local, Sustainable food was everywhere

With this quote over one kitchen doorway

And this fine young Barkeep is just moments away
from producing his own brewed beer professionally

Here is the cool thing: this cafe, where I had the best
pork belly ever - is going to feature his beer
in three of their taps and make it a combined effort

Gwen shared many of her masterpieces 

and the quilt work from
 this year's workshop ranged from


To contemporary- 
with everything in between

The best part is the laughter - all throughout

And the incredible message over and over that 
we are all part of the whole and we need everyone to make it work.

I hope you have been enjoying yourselves,