Monday, March 23, 2015

Quality Time

The last 10 days have been wonderful
but a little crazy

Upon the return from the DC trip my feet
never really hit the ground running

Even though I was getting enough sleep each night
I couldn't shake this hyper overtired thing going on inside

So, knowing I had the house to myself until this morning
with Renee away for the weekend
I wrote at the top of my to-do list

"Take Sunday OFF"

I turned off my phone,
played with the cats
read some of my recent book
watched movies
Put fresh sheets and blankets on the bed
and when it got dark
I made a cocoon out of the bedroom and 
snuggled in, listening to the ferocious wind outside

I just laid there
feeling grateful for the safe space
staying present in the coziness
and let my body and mind unwind

It felt like I had given myself a giant hug
and I wanted to remind us all 
to eek out some quality time with yourself

You are worth it.


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