Friday, May 10, 2013


Taken by Debby Chappell

A friend's text yesterday asking how I was prompted
a thoughtful response;

 "all my new ideas are starting to become a reality and 
my garden is keeping me grounded"

I woke up this morning amazed by
 how the scene through 
the french doors has changed
 from winter's black and white
to spring's soft greens and yellows, 
the sudden bursts of life so abundant and reassuring

And I realized how very important
 change is in our lives

I know that change freaks a lot of people out,
viewed as a disruption or disturbing and avoided
at all costs


Change is what keeps us constant.
It keeps us learning, creating, recreating and challenging ourselves.

"If you never had to change anything, you would have no point
of reference.  You would never know what you like, what you don't 
like and you would not know how powerful you are...."

As I watch the season change and
feel the sense of happiness in my life's new directions
I know in my heart that we are all
very capable of the constant change and unfolding
of this weird wonderful thing we call life.

Embrace it and make it yours.

Enjoy your weekend,

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