Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Magical Day

I would just like to say that I am so grateful for the
chances I have created to spend quality time with my community's youth 
and the adults that care so much

Yesterday, Rob Benson and his crew aboard the Sunbeam
took the Sophomore class and my Ready By 21 Mentors
to Isle au Haut for the day

We mixed community service with fun and bonding

and I can honestly say with my whole heart that
a magical day was had by all

If you have never been to Isle au Haut it is this little mystical
place that feels set back in time, just a short boat trip away
from Stonington's main land

With only 50 year round residents and a quiet peacefulness

Every guest is offered the chance to leave their troubles behind
for a little bit

and remember the simple joys of life

With a lot of laughter

and of course some good food

I think we all came back the better for it.

I would like to end with the idea that the youth of today
may not be as apathetic as you think, or disconnected.

I believe they are motivated by honesty, integrity and purpose
and are desperately searching for these qualities in a culture
that has lost a bit of its way.

I am so grateful to them all for inspiring me to
dig a little deeper inside and so hope that
they mirror a new direction for us all.

Enjoy your day and thank you,

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  1. Back on island. Your outing looked just wonderful and your earlier posts all make me feel back home. So glad we caught the tail end of the forsythia and should get the full blossoming of the lilacs. We are in need of a peaceful summer with friends and family and a chicken cooking class. Sign me up!