Thursday, September 5, 2013


Amy Vaughn (my Ready By 21 partner in crime) and I 
had a wonderful meeting today to plan our curriculum
for the upcoming People Skills classes we have been given the
amazing opportunity to lead this year at the high school

Our first topic is Vocation
In October our job will be to put this enormous word
into perspective for 14 and 15 year olds

On Friday of last week
a long time summer regular of Lily's sent me this picture
 thanking me for a lovely farmhouse lunch last Thursday.

I love the picture and am so grateful she sent it.

It is the end of my last lunch of the season.
Remnants of roasted carrots for the salad, an empty
apple pie pan, eggshells from the last minute
omelettes I made for my final table
(I had run out of the main course, thankfully they were "family")

I'm in a kitchen I love, with a true smile on my face,
wearing an apron and dress I've made,
serving food grown steps away

Those feelings of passion, satisfaction,
being the most of me that I can be,
in the best place possible,
That is my definition of vocation

I was welcomed back at school by both
returning students and teachers
with such warmth and generosity
that I am overwhelmed with
love and gratitude

It seems that we are capable of more
than one vocation.

My hope is that I may, in return, create a few
sparks that set others on the journey
of discovering their own true selves

Happy September,
and Happy New Year to many of you,
From the heart,


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