Friday, September 13, 2013


I had such a hard time getting my cucumbers started this year that I am so proud
of these refrigerator pickles, I had to show them off

I also experimented with pickling peaches.
The idea seems to be in print everywhere this year,
 but the recipes are loaded with sugar.

I made my brine with just a little maple syrup and put
cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, black peppercorns and
 red onion in with the peach halves

They will be ready in a week, I'll let you know

And then.....
While entertaining one night this summer
I, of course, was drinking Rose and had made grilled peaches for dessert
The combination of the two was INCREDIBLE

So I decided to make peach jam yesterday using
honey, lemon and a bit of Rose

The result was phenomenal.

What I want most to share is that I follow no rules when I "can"
I do a lot of refrigerator pickles, which will last in the fridge for
at least 6 weeks

When I do seal my jars for shelve life
 I do it by running them through the dish washer at work
(It works like a charm)

I use honey instead of sugar, taste as I go, no pectin,
I ran my blackberry jam through the food mill before I put it
in the jars to get the seeds out 

The freedom of not following all those rules
is equivalent to my making a quilt for the first time
that the points didn't match.

I have fun.

I also found a book this year that is a pleasure
"Saving The Season" by Kevin West
He makes it seem very poetic

I've got to run, on the way to the Island Institute for
the day to learn how to be an effective
advisor to this year's Island Fellow

More soon!
Enjoy your day

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