Wednesday, September 18, 2013


September is my favorite month here
(just above February)

The angles of light are non stop stunning
tangled flowers, roots and greens from the garden,

Time to spend with friends

Last weekend I drove to Searsmont to attend an
Open Bee Hive Event at Fred Wardwell's 

I wanted to see if I really was okay with bees swarming all around me
before I take classes to tend a hive next year.

I found myself in this picture perfect Maine setting, old house,
awesome barn, cozy kitchen with an oil burning stove

Fred has been tending bees for over 25 years.
He said go for it, so I think I will.

And yesterday was our first day back at school teaching
Real World 101

Gosh it was good to be with the kids
Marty Dickinson was so kind to allow us to
come pick apples from her three trees.

Then we went back and made my new favorite fast dessert;
 Sliced apples, saut├ęd over medium heat in butter,
a pinch of sea salt and maple syrup.

 Just as they are softening add some
cinnamon and fresh nutmeg.

Serve with whipped cream and it is like apple pie without the crust.

As I watch my Ready By 21 Mentors and Mentees begin their
journey of getting to know each other this September
I would like to share this quote that keeps me centered every day:

"Leave an example...
It is not necessary for you to walk in another's
shoes in order to show your love and compassion.
It is for you to walk in your own love and compassion
in order to show them your support.
It is for them to change their own reality.
You stick to taking care of your own and 
others can see how well you are.
Yours is the only experience you can truly effect."

Enjoy these golden days,

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