Monday, August 26, 2013

Abundance and Transformation

You can feel it here.
Summer's grip slipping, like a setting sun.

In response, the abundance the earth is offering
is incredible

I have been crazily trying to transform 
all this beautiful abundance into lasting memories

This from Old Ackley Farm

 into this:

Corn ice cream with blueberry sauce

These beauties from Blue Zee

into something I can jar for winter

And these 

turned into an incredible supper one night,
over polenta with lentils and red onion

A friend and gardener asked me
 if I wanted some basil

On Friday I headed to the freezer with 10 pints of pesto

She threw in a few quarts of sun golds
because I don't have any this year

and I slow roasted them to produce
little candy like jewels 

Which I served with local goat cheese on bread
and it was like a cream cheese and jelly sandwich on steroids

The best part of all of this bounty is sharing

 I am so grateful for all the lovely people in my life
 who choose to share it with me

Thank you everyone for your abundant desire to
 participate in my summer of
 and giving me the chance to share all the wonders
of this magical place and time.

 May there be more to come

I hope you are all eating well and happy


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