Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"There is no use blaming the rain and mud, these are only
elements.  The disaster is the failed expectation"
-Barbara Kingsolver from "Flight Behavior"

While I've been whining about the lack of carrots and beans
developing in my garden
Many other beautiful things were happily growing,
waiting for me to notice.
Notice I have! and Beets had my full attention today

Since winter I've been dying to try this
raw beet ravioli I had seen in some
beautiful blog post, and look!!!

Aren't they gorgeous?
I marinated some fresh goat cheese in; olive oil,
chopped nasturtiums, basil and garlic
and then sliced my 
Chiogga beets really thin on my mandolin to make the
 ravioli "noodles" - sandwiching the goat cheese in between -
and drizzling the marinating oil on top,
finishing with a pinch of Maldon's Sea Salt

Then I roasted the Golden and Detroit Reds
and topped them with some of the goat cheese,
oil and Cassis vinegar.

Yum! and SO. Pretty.
I had to share.

Happy Summer!

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