Monday, July 1, 2013

Whirlwind Week

 The days between my returning home from Nova Scotia
and this morning were completely action packed 
even for me!

But what a whirlwind of wonderfulness to report on:

Wednesday kicked off with a quilt workshop at Lily's House
with teacher Debby Chappell, featuring her streamlined design
of a wonky lob cabin

She had 10 students, many first time quilters, and
 the work and camaraderie was incredible

 Thursday was Lily's Farmhouse Lunch

Featuring two favorites; asian noodles and crab cakes
and a full house


My awesome A team, all whom have never worked in a restaurant before,
did a fantastic job keeping the whole day on track

Friday was spent around the big wooden table in the back kitchen,
everyone offering their free time to help me
prep for the Ready by 21 Mentoring Summer Party at Edgewood Farm
on Saturday.  I love times like Friday, all of us cutting and chopping
and sharing stories.  Just what I was hoping for around this table.

Saturday was the big fundraising Bash and I do believe
a good time was had by all!

Generosity flowed both in all the volunteers that helped this
to actually happen with such success and by the wonderful,
wonderful turnout of people who paid to come and support
this important program

We even had dear friends of mine come from MDI!!

A rocking jazz band - Isle of Jazz- playing for food,
had everyone kicking their heels

Lobster rolls, strawberry shortcake, lamb meatballs, 4 salads,
wine and beer -  lots of laughter and conversation.
PLUS - a chance for me to hang my bunting!!

Who could ask for more?
Thank you so much everyone!

And, yesterday, I was in my first gallery show with a quilt-
more on that later.... 

Happy Monday!

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