Monday, July 22, 2013


Happy Monday!
What a weekend. 
My first craft show was a wonderful success
Look at all that color!! 

My linen aprons were such a hit that I made more on Sunday morning.

And I sold all my pin cushion caddy's.  Even mine!

It was so great to see everyone and I am so grateful
for the kindness, generosity and support.

I'm thinking.....maybe a textile show at Lily's in the future
with all my sewing friends bringing there finest.
I'll keep you posted.

One more thing:
My partner, Renee (Tomboy Construction, Inc.)
and Jon Ellsworth (Carding Brook Farm Timber Frames)
have been collaborating on a barn project 
all winter.

The raising occurred last week and I really want to share
this beautiful process.

Isn't it gorgeous?  
It seems so powerful to me, so full of spirit

And then I found out that Jon blesses his barns
with a ritual of bread, salt and wine.

Everything seems to evoke such feeling in me.

Then I read my affirmation for today and it says,
"It is safe to have feelings and you are safe to feel"

Nice, because I feel full of awe and gratefulness for
all the rich experiences in this life and my wonderful connections
to so many.

Enjoy your day,

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