Monday, March 4, 2013

Selfishness is Unnecessary

On Saturday I held my first Mentor Training Session 
and received a full helping of the fruits of my labor
 as Director of Mentoring for Ready By 21

 I was surrounded by generous people, promising non judgement,
all be it, a bit nervous about what comes next.

Then today I was making vegetable stock for soup from
left over scraps gathered from the prepping
of meals for my wine dinner and breakfast on Saturday

I sat in amazement for more than a few moments
while this pile of scraps simmered merrily in a pot of water
and marveled at the bounty offered to us everyday, even in things many of us 
toss out as refuse

Maybe it is the bubbling promise of spring here,
beneath the wet snow that keeps falling randomly
or the onion seeds that have sprouted on the windowsill
offering new life,
 but I feel hopeful, even peaceful, 
that everything really is okay.

I was led to this quote over the weekend and I'd like to share it with you all if I may,

"....It is now highly feasible to take care of every body
on earth at a higher standard of living
than any have known.  
It no longer has to be you or me.
Selfishness is unnecessary and henceforth
unrationalizable as mandated by survival..."

-R. Buckminster Fuller

I am so grateful for the ability offered to us to take care of ourselves,
and the choices we make to take care of each other.
I would like to say thank you


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