Sunday, March 10, 2013


I finally tackled the container cupboard.

You know the one, with all the crap you never use taking
up space that makes it impossible to get out what you do use, often.

Things can stay that way for years for me.
  Then, one day, presto, 
I'm ready to purge, clean out and
make room for that wonderful clarity and inspiration that
ALWAYS follows my letting go of things.

I had it happen at Lily's this week too.

We took down the Lily's Cafe and Wine Bar sign
and replaced it with this wonderful new one
for Lily's House that Renee painted for me

I called Brad, a long time fisherman and culinary school grad.

He is opening his first restaurant in Blue Hill this season.

I thought he might be interested in some equipment I had 
that I finally decided I didn't need anymore.

Perfect timing - 
In came four handsome gentleman to haul what seemed like
just heavy equipment to them, out of one building, and into another one

But for me, for a few moments, it felt like they were taking 
parts of my arms and legs.

With the sandwich block, deli case, slicer and cooler
went the identity that defined me for over 20 years



 Then I turned around
 in this newly opened space
and felt the amazing power I had just given myself
 to continue recreating.

Recreating a business,  recreating me.

 Now I'm on the hunt for another awesome counter like I found for the bar
and have plans to do Chef's teaching dinners
 and a series of
quick bite cooking classes that last just an hour, 
 focusing on taste and technique.

 Oh, and how about a pop-up
 juice bar when everything is in season this summer?

I am so excited!

So, I say,   PURGE!   LET GO!
and see your wonderfulness expand into the opened spaces


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Thank you so much for listening.

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  1. Expand into the open spaces.... that will take no time at all! Upward and onward with your new adventures. Tally Ho!