Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Time Well Spent

It was early June of last year that I hung the beginnings of this
quilt on my design wall as inspiration for a class I was teaching in November.

  The class successfully came and went as I reported
here, but I never had time to actually put the quilt together.

Well, I spent 5 solid days in my sewing room last week and had SO MUCH FUN
finally doing it.  I just literally PLAYED with texture, color and images
and let things happen.  

As time went on I realized that what was inspiring me was a
memory of a bag of old vintage stamps my friend had bought
at an antique store years ago

I used linen, flannel, voile, dresses, shirts, antique cotton, new cotton,
old embroidered napkins, corduroy, eyelet, solids, prints, scraps, favorite pieces
I played with piecing techniques and broke all the rules

I had so much fun that I started a baby quilt with the
starting squares I had left over

I built it around this fun owl fabric that I stole from something else
and willed myself to stay in a very soft neutral pallet

Aww, Isn't it sweet?
My first piece of work for the Blue Hill Fine Craft Fair this summer.

 since I had so much fun with this and I love company
I am planning a Spring Quilting Weekend
April 19th -21st at Lily's House

We'll start with a big pile of scraps that everyone
contributes to, and spend the weekend
 and creating
 a one of a kind quilt,
 built on simple techniques and lots of joyful inspiration.

If this sounds fun to you, and the dates work
let me know.
I'll sort out the details and let you know more soon.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Girl! Love it ALL. I want to come for your weekend, it sounds like so much fun. That quilt is awesome.

    XO, Rhea