Monday, January 7, 2013

The Value of Influence

Quilt by Debby Chappell

I spent all weekend watching football and sewing,
Pure Happiness!

I must admit that while I am in the midst of
developing a mentoring program for the Island and Sedgwick
for ReadyBy21 
I am amazed at how much mentoring goes on within the sport

Older to younger players, coaches, outside influences
hard luck stories, bad decisions, the importance of the team family....

It all reminds me of the 


Someone said yesterday that you can either react to the temperature 
or set the temperature

I think I'd like to set the temperature, maybe a comfortable 70,
you know, a day when everything seems possible...

Here's a link to a blog of a wonderful quilter I have had the pleasure of
spending time with in Michigan at Gwen Marston's retreat.

I'm trying to get her to come teach a class at Lily's this summer

Happy Monday!
Enjoy your day

Kyra Alex Joins Ready by 21 as Director of Mentoring  
After 15 years of working in the community as owner and chef of Lily's Café, Kyra Alex has decided to direct her efforts towards a mentoring program for children, youth, and young adults. Alex is working with Ready by 21 to develop and supervise a comprehensive mentoring program that will empower our young people to live healthy, productive lives.

Over a year of collecting community input, Ready by 21 found that the highest priority need was for mentoring across age levels. A cornerstone of the new program will be one-to-one transition mentoring for all young people from age 17 to 22. There will also be group and individual mentoring for elementary school students, younger adolescents, and parents of young children. The mentoring program kicked off in October with Real World 101, including two all-school assemblies that will continue  monthly through the year. Mentor training will begin early in 2013.  The Ready by 21 Mentoring Program will coordinate with and provide support for the peer mentoring program at the high school run by Amanda Poyant, learning center coordinator.

Ready by 21 is committed to the safety and well being of all children served through this mentoring program. Mentors will be carefully trained and screened and will receive ongoing support and supervision from Alex. The program's child safety practices will be supported by the policies and procedures of our fiscal sponsor, Child and Family Opportunities, Inc (CFO). CFO manages all Head Start services in Hancock and Washington counties.

  Click on the diagram to the left for a description of the Ready by 21 Mentoring program. Mentoring DiagramYou can also follow this link for a recent Island Advantages article

about the mentoring program. 

For more information on Ready by 21 Mentoring, please contact Kyra Alex at, 367-5936 or Ready by 21, P.O. Box 216, Deer Isle, Maine 04627.   

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