Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Choices

As many of us reflect on our past choices and begin to change
our days by making new ones
I felt that today's Jovius message was so pertinent that I wanted
to share it with you.

It is so important to remember that we each have the power
to make our lives be what we choose them to be
We just do.

Consciously choose and have faith..

We would like to say that when you choose for everything to just keep on getting better, that's what happens. Now we also tell you that when you ask for better and somehow things seem to appear worse, take heed. The Universe is very much responding to you and the way you handle the changes emotionally is what is preceding what comes next. When you choose to feel good about the fact that you brought a shift in your life, you can truly recognize that it is you that brought it on. Instead of backing up and becoming fearful, step into it with a big laugh and say "thank you, Universe" for this is just the way it happens sometimes. Sometimes something really great comes to you in a way that doesn't look so good at first glance. Sometimes you just have to trust. And that's what faith is all about -- faith in you.  

And we do thank you..

I am working on my new look for Lily's House and
hope to share it soon along with my new plans.
Thank you readers, for keeping me honest!

Enjoy your day,

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