Monday, January 28, 2013

Quilting and Flat Bread Pizza

While waiting for everyone to arrive on Saturday for the quilt
project day I roasted some butternut squash for
the flat brad pizzas I planned to make for lunch

I had made the flat bread (July blog post)
and bean soup the day before so it was easy going at service time

I topped the pizza with brown butter with rosemary, roasted squash,
toasted walnuts and Yellow Birch Farm goat cheese, yum!

Just put your butter in a skillet to melt and leave until it
 starts to look golden, throw a pinch of dried or fresh rosemary
in at the end and let it sit for a few minutes to release its oils

Then I spooned the butter on each bread, distributed the
roasted squash, walnuts and cheese and baked them in
a 375 degree oven until warm all the way through.

                                 Here's a few of the different projects people were working on;

Michelle finished up a natural tie dye project she had
done with the kids at Kamp Kooky

Debbie started hand quilting on her project from Tonye Belinda's class

Anne learned how to machine quilt on her
sky and sunshine piece

Holly revisited her broken dishes

Even I had a chance to sew!

and worked on putting blocks together for a baby quilt
that we all contributed to.

So much fun, a wonderful day
and I am very grateful to have shared such
creative space with a group of lovely people

Happy Monday

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