Thursday, January 10, 2013


I would like to start today by expressing
 gratitude for my passions

the way sunlight plays through the day


strength and balance

the heart of home

unexpected inspirations

I could go on and on,

Yesterday I came home from a day working with
the kids and felt so energized
So infused with excitement and happiness
and I felt -full on- the bliss of
spending time on what you are passionate about

Time moves so quickly, I wish to use it up wisely
with choices that infuse hope and happiness in me
 so that I may offer those things back

I know it sounds hokey, but it is such a
simple concept and we seem sometimes
to set our lives up so far away
from our passions,

no wonder darkness can easily set in

I hope for you today, an unexpected pleasure
that infuses you with love and light,
even if just for a moment


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