Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who knew?

For three years now, Kathleen and I travel to Elk Rapids Michigan
for a week long quilt retreat with Gwen Marston 

This year, we left a few days early to explore a little more of the 
Upper Peninsula, or UP as the locals refer to it

With no reservations, little expectation and a tip from fellow quilter and native Kathy Jones
we headed for Leelanau County. We stumbled upon a sort of autumn heaven

We ate a truly spectacular dinner at the inn

House made charcuterie, braised short ribs,
sparkling wine from a local winery

Yes, I said winery - who knew?
Over 30 of them 

With trellised hillsides overlooking the lake

and some pretty decent wine!  It seems that this area is on the
45th parallel, shared with France, and wine grapes love
soil that grows cherries

Well, this is the cherry capital of the world - so it goes

Unbeknownst to us, the last winery we visited ~Ciccone~
is owned by Madonna's father - whom we met -
and he makes some killer Italian wines

Gourds for flowers in window boxes

great shops, local artisanal food, farms, fisherman
a huge body of water

old houses, quiet lanes

What a wonderful wonderful surprise

Now we are in Elk Rapids, which is fabulous on its own
with one last day of goofing around before
being blessed with Gwen's energy and settling down to sew

Lunch at Lulu's in Bellaire

A salad with local honey crisp apples and haricot vert

a view from our room -

Let the games continue


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  1. The Leelenau Peninsula is one of my favorite places in Michigan. The scenery is so diverse and peaceful. I'm glad you and Kathleen explored it.

    One note... The Upper Peninsula, aka the U.P., is actually the part of Michigan that is across the Mackinaw Bridge. Michigan is a state surrounded by the Great Lakes, hence it has two peninsulas. The Upper and the Lower Peninsula.

    The Northern part of the Lower peninsula, where Elk Rapids and the Leelenau are, is called Northern Michigan or 'Up North". Everyone goes Up North for vacations or to cottages. (Well, many people do if not everyone!) Just like in Maine, people head to the coast and even Down East.