Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Sassy Pumpkin Project

I have been hired as Director of Mentoring by a local non profit
and have been working for months now to create
a solid program

One of my ideas is an entrepreneurial internship and Amber Jones is my test run

Amber has worked at Lily's the past several summers and 
asked me last spring if she could do her School to Work internship
with me her first semester of her senior year, which began this past September

I offered her a chance to create and operate her own cafe for 6 weeks
at Lily's and she enthusiastically accepted

She decided on a bistro theme and has named it the The Sassy Pumpkin

We made a business plan, forecasted expenses; food, advertising, help, etc.

wrote request letters to local organizations for start up money
had to come up with plan B when we didn't receive a reply - a good reality check -

 wrote her first menu, costed out the food and planned her strategy

 Yesterday was her soft opening

A party of 10 was invited to taste samples of her menu, which she
shopped for on Monday,
cooked for all day on Tuesday after her morning classes
and completed Wednesday before service time

We are a good fit, since Amber is quietly committed to fresh,
 made from scratch food and has really put her
heart into the project

She has developed a signature house salad, that received rave reviews

And loves the idea of making the dessert choices every week!

I find myself really looking forward to what develops in the next six weeks;
watching her ideas take shape, seeing how she feels about it all
as it progresses, the menus she creates...

Our first real paying audience is October 24th, by reservation only
to keep it manageable, and will run every Wednesday from 11:30 - 2  thru November

She put out some beautiful food yesterday, come check it out if you can,
if you can't, I will keep you posted!

Thanks for listening and enjoy your day

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