Monday, October 15, 2012

Farm Lunch

We began prepping at Lily's on Friday

Amber scooped and roasted pumpkins for pudding

Chickens were braised

Buns were made for the sandwiches

Not bad for a celiac, huh?

20 lbs of veggies were prepped for 

a wonderful hearty autumn soup


The compost was filled

And to the farm we went on Sunday morning

A chilly rainy day made a cozy time in the green house

Handmade Chai and locally brewed Beer

warmed our spirits

Renee made the whipped cream with much enthusiasm

and everyone ate to their hearts content

well, almost everyone...

Colleen made two infusions,
cranberry maple and lemon balm with rose petals

Everett sang

Ashley decorated

And Farmer Bob and Charlie approved

Happy Monday!

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