Monday, October 8, 2012

Creative Time

The theme at Gwen Marston's quilt retreat this year
was the Medallion quilt

as Gwen shared her work, wisdom and guidance with us 

covering everything from traditional

to contemporary, her words made a serious impression on me.

Quite simply she said, "you are all able to do your own work"
meaning no patterns, no templates, able to create our own designs
color inside or outside the lines
reminding us that precision does not mean art

So we set to it for 4 solid days

some hand sewing, 

some machine piecing

lots of invaluable lessons from Gwen

 and ended up with individual work that really ran the whole track

from whimsy

to rich

to incredible

and fun


and unique

With friendships forged, spirits high
and the renewed belief that our own creative work
is just as important as vacuuming the house and doing the laundry
or whatever else we let get in the way

 I find myself home
 and determined
 to carve out time each week
to continue my love affair with quilting and textiles

It is up to me to give myself this space,
with no expectations, 
just the gift of being able to do my own work
and continue seeing what appears



  1. what a wonderful experience. so many fun quilts, but woohoo, love that robot in particular.

  2. beautiful post.

    so true. love the gifts Gwen gives us and the gifts we give ourselves as a result. It was great seeing you again.