Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Less Talking

I've been finding myself a bit tongue tied lately, 
hence the quietness of my blog site

I think I feel a little overwhelmed by all the outside noise
and have been trying to quiet my world down a little

 Selective listening,
Rather than me talking - a huge task for those who know me -

Listen to the kids at school while we cook,
Listen to Amber's needs while learning to run her cafe,
Listen to what people hope for in a quilting class
 ( I teach my first one next weekend)

Listen to my body and spirit while making all these changes.

And then there is the bliss of my life on this wonderful island;

A day at Lily's, open as the Sassy Pumpkin, seeing many faces I have missed

Renee walking into the kitchen in the late afternoon with the best
bouquet ever!  This beautiful head of cauliflower, roots and all,
given to her by a dear friend from her garden

The autumn light and my colorful late lunch,
all jewels from my own backyard 

And the way the late afternoon sun pools in these
rooms I have so graciously been allowed to
call my own for now

Turn off the noise for a moment
and listen to the beautiful murmurs of life around you

I am so grateful

Enjoy your day


  1. We are thinking alike these days. I am actively trying to cut back on the "noise" I expose myself to. Too much non-quality internet and Instagram. I spent too much of the summer looking out, now it's time to look in.

    Enjoying watching and reading your journey.

  2. I love this quieting of life. I look forward to the day when I can "quiet" down a little myself.