Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making it Festive

I'll be brief, because it is hot and I know you are all busy

It's almost Go Time for the Antique Festival on Sunday the 22nd
and Brenda gave me the idea to decorate the field with flag pennants

So I pulled out my Pfaff and set up the screened porch as a little factory
and got to it.

I found great directions on this blog called "Your Home Based Mom"

I chose 15 different fabrics in both soft and bright colors
hoping for an old fashioned festive look with a little spunk to it

I used this huge roll of hemming tape I had bought at a yard sale
eons ago to put them together

And ended up with six strings of 25 each

That should be enough to line the major walk way and
set off the food and drink areas, I might even have one for the 
gazebo where the bands will play!

While sewing I decided on what sandwiches I'm going to sell
Both on grilled flat bread ( I'll have corn tortillas for the myself and the other gluten free-ers);
one with Old Ackley Farm Sausage, sautéed onions, peppers and mojo sauce
and the other with grilled eggplant, basil pesto mayo, sautéed onions and Red Barn Farm Goat Cheese

I'm starting to get really excited!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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