Monday, July 9, 2012

Chalk Paint

I had been lusting after this paint by Annie Sloan for over a year.
Soft matte finish, the French look, old world colors, easy "aging".......

I kept stalking her website, pouring over the colors
and awesome possibilities, but just never would push that send button.

Do you ever do that?

Then presto!  The universe clicked in and the wonderful client of 
a big design project this winter emailed me to ask if I knew about these paints,
she was headed to the retail store near her home and could
bring me back some with her when she arrived back on the island in the spring.

Yes please.

I am SO in love with these earthy, clay like colors.
I just want to rub them all over myself! 

 But, I chose this old desk to rub on instead :0)

 I picked  "Old Violet" for the first coat and was going to
put Paris Gray on top,

But as usual, I changed my mind and did another coat of Old Violet
before putting on the dark wax to "age" it

The best part was hanging out watching the traffic go by while the first coat dried

Now the wax.  
Yikes!  That changed the color drastically.
Aha! Now I know how they get that brownish aged look on painted furniture.  
After the wax dried, I sanded the whole piece with very fine sand paper
and did a little "age distress" rubbing.

Voila! Not too bad for my first try.

So many possibilities, so little time....

It's mowing day at Lily's

 Happy Monday!


  1. Aaargh... that is SO flippin' cool!

    I have an awesome bureau thingy for the baby's room. The shape is great but it needs new fixtures and a paint job.

    We gotta give it the Kyra treatment.

  2. the Kyra treatment....I like it!

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