Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Garden Haul

Beet greens, kale, sugar snaps, oh my..

God Bless the snails, the slugs, the ants and the deer
I've still got something going on out there!

The snap peas I eat fresh and raw almost as fast as I pick them
But the greens can be a bit overwhelming

So, I sauté them, each type at a time, in olive oil with sea salt and garlic

  They are young and tender, so just 
a bit of cooking until they are wilted and aromatic

Then I toss them all together, use them a few times;  over polenta with
parmesan, in a frittata, room temp with a dash of vinegar and a grilled steak, etc.

Then, I freeze the rest in smaller portions to enjoy 
in the winter when I'm wishing for them all over again.

I just love it out there in the quiet of the morning,
squishing bugs and pulling weeds
Listening to the birds, and remembering the earlier sounds of 
boats going out to haul

It is so safe in that little world, I find myself wanting to create that
energy everywhere I am
and then,
this was part of my affirmation for today:

.....You have the power within yourself to encounter only those who bring love and joy into 
your current world....It is in your best interest to do so"

Here's to love and joy! 

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