Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Follies and Fabric

 I have missed you all so much and it feels so right to be sitting here
 in this place and sharing again.

 I hope you have been happy and healthy while I have been away and
 thank you so much for encouraging me to take the time I needed
 to catch up on other creations.

When I began blogging
 I wrote very emphatically
 that February was my most favorite month of the year
 here on this sweet little island.

And I am happy to report I still feel the same way even in the
midst of this very cold and snowy winter.

In fact, as I was shoveling this morning in the warmth of the sunshine,
amidst dozens of chickadees and a woodpecker at the feeder 
I noticed these buds on the lilac bush by the back door.  

 They must have swelled in the odd warmth of late fall
 and have been hanging on, waiting to bust open
 in God knows when -
 and I remembered I just love February!

So much to be grateful for 

Like my 2003 rusted out Chevy Silverado that has let me drive
through everything that has come at us this winter,

-My partner (even though she wanted me to sell the truck)
 who knows how to defrost pipes and fix leaky ceilings from ice dams,

The Mansard roof on Lily's that hasn't had any ice dams,

-The incredible myriad of teenagers 
that I have the pleasure of sharing company with each week
(several of whom convinced me not to sell my truck)

-Thursday night wine bars which have been as few as 4 of us to
as many as 40 of us throughout these winter months

-The beautiful creations and enthusiasm from
 my students in the textile classes I have been teaching
 and the joyous news that
I will be teaching my first one day class at Haystack 
in May during the HIP Community Day Workshops!

I am so grateful that
 I was who Aaron called to say he was coming to clear my back woods 
in literally the only 4 day window we have had
 with frozen ground and no snow this entire season

Not to mention the incredible joy and optimism
 my onion seedlings germinating gives me

and for this wonderful garden shed Renee got the roof onto
before the winter of 2015 hit.

Scrap wood and windows from the dump,
way too pretty for the lawn mower and planting paraphernalia
 I will be storing inside.

As I take stock this February
 in all this winter has had to offer,

 I would say the best has been the real chance to
 slow down,
focus inward, 
 get some crazy things off my to do list!

Like taking two days this last storm to sort through
and remove the excess yardage of quilting fabric from 
my very large stash

There is everything.  Whites for background, large lengths for backing,
great florals, civil war reproduction, blending prints....
and I am selling it all on the back table at Lily's this Friday, February 20th
during a combo Pop up Shop/Wine Bar with Alewives Fabric

Rhea will have the newest, most beautiful fat quarters etc. in the dining room
I'll be pouring wine at the bar and Renee will be cutting fabric in the back!
$2.00 a yard, all you want!!

Plus Rhea is teaching a Lucy Boston hand sewing workshop on Saturday and there are 
just a few spots left if you are interested.

Phew, that's enough of me for now!

Much love and excited to continue,

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