Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Storm

I spent the whole snow storm this weekend at Lily's

Cooking and baking for 35 people coming to dinner
before John Cariani's play "Last Gas" at the Opera House on Saturday

I truly enjoyed myself; chopping, stirring, singing to music
and watching the snow storm swirl around me outside
from my warm haven

At one point I looked up and saw my vase of dried hydrangeas from
late summer and smiled at the contrast in weather.

By 4pm all but 4 people had called to say
there was no way they were getting out of their driveways,
much less back in them and sadly had to cancel dinner/theatre plans

But how cool is this?!

They were truly disappointed to not be eating
at Lily's and I think a bit concerned for me and all the food

So, most of them are coming on Tuesday night to
 dine on what I have prepared.
 I am so grateful to them, 
and the chance to extend some hospitality,
 and not have all this food be for naught.

I hope you all had a great weekend
We ended up with over 2 feet of snow and
drifts well over 5'!

Happy Monday,

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