Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bathroom Re-Do


It had been over 16 years since the original bathroom
in our house hand been remodeled,
except for a valiant attempt of an upgrade about
12 years ago with a stone counter and new faucets

Without tearing anything out, or moving any plumbing
we have made a serious makeover happen in
this tiny little room

Mostly with paint.
The walls were raw pine boards, now covered in Ben Moore's
Wickham Gray the room takes on a whole new feel.

And we had a box of walnut flooring left over from the
new bathroom we added a few years ago.

I updated the lighting by using two outdoor lights (they were on sale as a pair)
from Pottery Barn and we put one over the shower 

I also removed the wall sconce in the vanity area
and Renee put a recessed light above, allowing for a bigger mirror
and a feeling of spaciousness

The cupboards are painted Ben Moore's Iron Mountain
and the knobs are an inexpensive brushed something or other from Home Depot.
I love how the stone countertop really pops now with the dark color

Renee tore out the plastic surround in the shower, but we kept the original tub.
To jazz it up we used Retro white subway tile from Island Interiors on the walls and
the remains of some marble tiles from the new bathroom shower,
as a sort of back splash to set it off

I feel like that small decision really made a big impact on the whole room
Also, Renee laid the tile with no spacers, making the inexpensive tile look brick like,
a trick she learned from Master Tiler, Gay Stevens.

I splurged on a shower liner from Izola,
free of the bad things in plastic
And I made the shower curtain from my stash!

Thanks for the chance to share.
  We are really enjoying
the changes.

Forge ahead my friends,


  1. Love it!!! Love the tile designs (wish I could be that creative with tile!) Can't wait to see it in person!
    white marble tile

  2. If there is no need for replacements, you won’t have to. This is what you’ll benefit from cabinetries that are made out of good materials and workmanship. My perspective is it would be best to pay for high-quality materials once than pay for cheap materials over and over, which would be very costly.

    Darryl Margulies