Thursday, February 21, 2013

In Defense of the Stash

The size of my fabric stash has been the topic of
many conversations over the years, even on other people's blogs :0)

I admit I have felt self conscious about opening
the two sets of closets in my sewing room
that hold my palette.

But Palette it is my friends

And as I have time in my life now to actually quilt
I find myself so grateful for all my choices

Like the yellow border that makes this quilt sing.
It's vintage Denyse Schmidt that I picked up at Marden's
last month

Do you like the sixteen patches on point?
They kind of dance don't they, and they are all scraps

And, the center of this medallion quilt is made from the mitered corners
I had left over from another one I made.

I am having so much fun!

I'm headed to Lily's for a jam packed day
Hopefully more quilting tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy your day,

1 comment:

  1. What is that piece of gorgeous quilt you are making? Love the color choices and I am a HUGE fan of medallion style quilts... I think they are so much fun to make! Also, you KNOW I am a huge fan of your stash. Maybe fan is not an appropriate word coming from a fellow fabric junkie! You should post a picture of the stash in all its glory!
    XO, Rhea