Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Short Cuts and Sewing Machines

You know what they say,
once you go Bernina, you never go back
 and I do love my machine

I love it even more knowing Ron at Cote Brothers in Turner Maine
is a day trip away!
  He is the sewing machine magician
and a very kind man. 

Yesterday, while he tuned up my babies
 I goofed around in town for a few hours.

Upon picking them up,
Ron suggested a shortcut for my return trip home

 I ended up in some of the most beautiful scenery ever!

Farm land, Rolling mountains, Ponds, Old barns

 Maine is such a Wonderland

 Then, 10 minutes from home,
I came to the top of Caterpillar Hill and found this!

And a tuned up Bernina to boot -
Sometimes I just can't stop grinning

Enjoy your day

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