Friday, December 14, 2012


Renee showed me a video this morning titled Mainah Style
 - a spoof on the popular music video "Gangnam Style -

It has that Mainer Pride,
 showing how things are done here with grit instead of glamour
and a whole lot of heart

Nothing could be a better example of this Maine essence than
 yesterday's Real World event at the high school

 It was my third All School Real World and I, 
 with the help of a lot of good people, (especially Carmen Rollins)
devised an amazing race of sorts in the gym

The idea was to involve the kids fully;  Mind, Body and Spirit

It was bare bones creative ingenuity in a school that
has no extra funds and very few bells and whistles

But where else would you find a race course with knotted lobster traps filled
 with books to be balanced on your head

And have kids that know intuitively how to untie them 
and retrieve their contents

We even have guys in suits (yes, from off island)
but still, they drive all the way down to talk about
doing the "next right thing" to make your life what you want it to be

and mom's who can show yoga moves

and a dance teacher who works with over 300 kids a year

and a lead office administrator who produced the
coolest mind puzzle station ever

And when the rope broke during the tug of war, (that's a whole n'other story ;0)
what did the boys do, but coil it up for me in neat lobsterman fashion

This community, this 'place'
 is busting at the seams with heart and soul
and so are we all as people

When we possess so much, so simply,
why is it that we continue to think we need to have more?

I am always so grateful to be reminded
that this is enough

Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend
  I hope there is much laughter,


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