Saturday, March 22, 2014


My parents were both first generation Americans in families
fighting their way up (and out) of Brooklyn, NY 

-That is my mom in my grandmother's arms 
and my dear Aunt Ethel standing in front of my grandfather-

I never knew what "upper middle class" even meant until
I went home for Easter with my college roommate 

I remember a beautiful old house in a suburb of Chicago,
My first glasses of champagne and aged red wine,
 classical music playing during dinner,
my first experience sleeping on cotton sheets, 
talk of semesters in Europe, leather interior in the car,
Lanz flannel nightgowns, Italian tile on the kitchen floor
antique chairs around the table...

What amazes me now, is how woven all of my
experiences are into who I am and how I live today

The best part being that the weaving doesn't end.  I get to keep changing
and growing and having more experiences

Like my very recent indulgent purchase of fine linen sheets

I needed a dust ruffle for our new bed frame
 A google search led me to Linoto, and to Jason, 
who explained their linen and its qualities. 
(incredibly sustainable by the way)

And yes,
 instead of a cruise to somewhere exotic,
 I splurged
 on two sets of linen sheets and a dust ruffle

They came today. 
It is all so beautiful I could weep.

I had bought a set from Restoration Hardware a few years ago and
it makes them look like burlap.

I am overwhelmed with gratefulness.
For the polyester I grew up with, the cotton I moved up to 
and the linen I cannot wait to jump into tonight.

Isn't life grand?


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