Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have these incredible 'aha' moments about the simplest things.
Like tea for example.

Recently I realized I could make my own!

I know, it 's a little silly, but it just never dawned on me that I didn't have
to drink what someone else put in a little sachet.

I found this cool metal tea, whatever and fill it up with
whatever, let it steep for 10 minutes and love drinking it!

I finally have that daily tea ritual I've always imagined having -
but never liked any tea enough to make it a ritual.

I've been doing loose Rooibos and adding dried rose hips
all winter for the vitamin c boost in the rose hips
and then I add licorice root or cinnamon and clove or orange peel
or whatever I feel like each morning.  

Almond milk, honey, ooh my.

Soon we'll have fresh leaves to play with too.

I've also been adding a dropper of Burdock tincture and Nettle tincture
from Avena Botanicals for a little 'getting ready
for spring' booster

I feel great.  And I'm so excited for Spring.

Adventure on dearest ones.
I hope you are very well.


P.S. check out this recipe for Chickpea Blondies.
They are delicious. 

 I use cocoa nibs in mine instead of chocolate chips to avoid
the extra sugar.  But I've made them for teenagers with peanut butter
and chocolate chips and they loved them. 

A friend who I shared the recipe with says add the egg, it makes them even better.

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