Monday, December 9, 2013

Portland, ME

Renee and I journeyed to Portland for the weekend
and have come home in a delightful food coma

(which was topped off by a wonderful meal
 and the warmth of community
 at the Community Pot Soup supper last night
 at the Congregational Church in Deer Isle)

With so many superb choices for good eats in Portland
I wanted to give a shout out to the outstanding establishments
we wandered into on Saturday and Sunday

The picture above was taken in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood at Rosemont Market 
This sweet place shot me straight up with inspiration around an
entrepreneurial program I have in the works for this summer
(more on that in the future)

Across the street from the Rosemont is 
The Blue Spoon where we indulged in their Saturday Brunch
 I can honestly say
 I wanted to camp out on the floor and eat 
all the rest of my days' meals here.
I loved everything about it, the paint colors, the counters,
the staff, the windows and the food was SO GOOD.

Salt and Vinegar fries at Nosh, of course
as an appetizer to dinner where we met friends

I know I've posted about Eventide already - this spring to be precise-
but it was Evenbetter - get it?

Raw oysters covered our table, of which I admit, I am not a fan
so I had two small plates that were outrageous:

 Poached Char stuffed with something glorious 
and served over magically bronzed Brussel sprouts

and then this Scallop Escabeche dish with this
 amazing smoked white fish custard underneath
and little crispy potato things...

Brunch on Sunday morning at Cailo's 

and then home in time to watch that ugly,
 heart stopping, crazy Patriots game yesterday.

I hope you had a good weekend, are enjoying
this festive month and taking some time to cook, eat and share
really good food.


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