Monday, October 7, 2013

Michigan, One Last Time

I'm just back from my yearly pilgrimage to White Birch Lodge in Michigan
for what was Gwen Marston's 30th and final quilt retreat here.

My daily message on the day I arrived was this:

Go into this day with your open eyes and your open heart. Allow yourself to exceed any expectations. 

So, I did just that,
 day after day,
and observed the wondrous moments unfold 

80 degrees and sunny on the lake
( I blew off a whole day of quilting to enjoy this day - 
and it rained every day after!)

An eclectic Farmer's Market that included late raspberries, foraged mushrooms
that I had never heard of, purple broccoli and this plumage like blossom

I couldn't resist these italian plums 
I roasted them with a bit of maple syrup and we ate them over
organic greek yogurt with toasted pistachios -YUM!

Local, Sustainable food was everywhere

With this quote over one kitchen doorway

And this fine young Barkeep is just moments away
from producing his own brewed beer professionally

Here is the cool thing: this cafe, where I had the best
pork belly ever - is going to feature his beer
in three of their taps and make it a combined effort

Gwen shared many of her masterpieces 

and the quilt work from
 this year's workshop ranged from


To contemporary- 
with everything in between

The best part is the laughter - all throughout

And the incredible message over and over that 
we are all part of the whole and we need everyone to make it work.

I hope you have been enjoying yourselves,

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