Thursday, October 10, 2013

So Many Gifts

My time in Michigan is so centering, last year I came home with a list
of intentions of which I have truly followed through

But after being away for 8 days I am bowled over - deep down inside - at how
luscious it is where I live.

The colors, the light, the depth of texture.  When I woke up on Monday 
and looked out the bedroom window I was awestruck with what
seemed like a 5D snapshot

 It seems that while I was away my garden has become this magical place of intense growth.

All the things I bemoaned not being able to grow this spring
are thriving like crazy

  As I gratefully harvested and thanked all the bounty this afternoon I was reminded of 
a conversation in early summer with Jen from Carding Brook Farm

She said, "your garden will grow what it likes to grow"

I'd like to add to that wise statement,
'in its own time'

What an intense reminder that we all blossom when we are ready,
not when we are forced to.  

Today, I also watched a group of young adults
unexpectedly offer patience, respect and interest to an older adult
as he shared his life story 

It has intensified in me a sense of hope and belief in this young generation 
 and solidified my intention to offer the chance to all of us
to blossom 'in our own time'

And to continue to seek beauty in unexpected places

Enjoy your days,

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