Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A quick lunch

When I was a kid summer days stretched out well past forever.
Now it seems that I'm constantly wondering how
time has gone so fast each day.

It always seems to be about 2pm when I suddenly
loose momentum and realize that I haven't eaten lunch.
But I'm getting pretty good at pulling something
delicious together, quickly.

I am digging cooking my radishes!  I roasted them
last Thursday for the farmhouse lunch and they were delicious.
So today I threw them in to the skillet with some onion,
garlic and oil, when they were beginning to soften
I added some rice noodles I had soaked in hot water
and a bit of white wine, cooked that for a few minutes

Then added the baby swiss chard I piled up from thinning the plants
and some hot pepper flakes

Once it was wilted I hit the whole thing with tamari and
some fresh cilantro.   

Use what you have, and make sure you have something good.

Enjoy yourselves,

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