Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Guest Blog about What goes on After the Cooking Class

When I moved to the island (almost 17 years ago now!) My dear 
Aunt Ethel, who had lived here over 50 years by then said,
"The best way to live here is to remember that you
'Get what you Give' "

I would like to add a second part to that,
'When you give, you get'

I have been giving Quick Bite cooking classes now
for 6 weeks and have a wonderful core group of eager
students who come each week.
After the second class they shared that they had been getting
together on Saturday nights to share each of their
own renditions of what they had learned in class on Tuesday.
How cool is that?!

I asked them to share in a guest blog some of their 
creations and what inspired them.
Shannon and Lynsey sent all these pictures,
wrote the blurbs and along with Pam
cooked up some awesome feasts.

Shannon, Pam and Lynsey

Kyra’s food groupies :

Each week we all look forward to Tuesday night. A night filled with sweet smells and a chilled glass of ...cava.. in our hands. 

Every Tuesday we have come to observe and get our hands messy with the different texture and flavors of the week that Kyra has miraculously pulled together. She dazzles us with new ingredients and techniques that we intuitively take home to practice the coming weekend.
 From butterflying chickens, to gluten free cuisine, to my most favorite yet; BBQ, we bring what we learn to our own kitchens. 

Every week our group of three has gotten together to try our hand at the "Kyra" way.  We each put a little spin on it, and then bring it to the table for the family to try.  I have to say that everything has been a hit.  Even the men in the family have played a role in making fresh spring rolls for dinner after we attended the spring roll class. 

Grilling Night

Mark and Shannon with Mark's famous Shrimp Dip

 This has been a big kick off to a great summer and we hope to see many more tid-bits from Kyra. Keep it up girl! You have been an inspiration to these three island Girls. 

Lynsey Hardy


Three Chickens after the Butterflying class:
Garlic and Lemon, Orange and White Onions
and Shallot, Apple, Fresh Sage and White Wine

Spring rolls class:
Chicken and Veggies

Sausage, Veggies and Spices

Sweet Potato, Walnuts, Yummy Spices
and a dollop of Daisy!

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