Friday, April 26, 2013


Yesterday was my and Amy's first day back at the high school 
in over 10 days and I was strongly reminded of how much I truly enjoy spending time
with the students in our Real World classes.

Everyone was feeling a bit of spring fever 
as the sun finally poked its head from the clouds
and school is winding down for the year

The room was organized chaos as we made peanut butter balls
AND popovers with jam and butter
 ( some kids dipped the popovers in chocolate and I must say that looked delicious)

 Amidst the heightened energy I realized that Amy and I
have begun to succeed in creating a "community" in that room twice a week

And that "Real World" is appropriate in so many more ways
than just cooking skills or interview skills... etc.

  To me, the real world is all about us getting along.

All of us working together;  distracted,
 introverted,  extraverted,  focused,  comedic,
tired, exuberant, etc. and doing it with kindness
and tolerance.
There have been so many moments over the year
where I have witnessed just this and I feel so pleased and grateful.

I would like to thank the students for being a constant
source of inspiration to me.

  I constantly see in their smiles
the incredible joy we are all able to feel
in those moments that we are safe and loved

If I hope for anything, it is that these moments,
for all of us, go from fleeting to lingering.

Enjoy your day,

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