Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Better Look

Okay, here is a glimpse or two at Lily's after all the painting
and repurposing of items.  With the exception of two rugs
from TJ Maxx I used stuff I already had,
making it new with paint and repositioning.

I am so in love with the black paint on the window
sashes and door.  It completely brings the space together
and gives it that cozy feeling I wasn't obtaining before

Marble subway tile in the dishroom, very Downton Abbey don't you think?

Here is the cork floor!  It is equivalent to 
a pillow top for my legs and feet

Those are some of my seedlings back there under the table
coming up green and happy, just like my sink

Some more Annie Sloan magic
I painted one coat of Blue Violet on this old wooden table
 A light sanding to give it that old distressed look I love
 and voila, a functional sideboard in that wonderful hydrangea blue I was craving

One of my new rugs!

It is with great gratitude that I share this with you
and I hope you get a chance to stop in so I can show you around.


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