Monday, July 21, 2014

A Day To Remember

A country fair in my gardens 
A dream come true.

 Phenomenal artisans, chefs, growers and musicians


A little wine, a lot of sunshine, but not too hot,
 ( muddy and wet from all the rain, but you know I don't enjoy focusing on the negative)

And to end a perfect day, Tim spotted
chanterelle mushrooms under my trees!
I sautéed them in butter and sage
and tossed them over some gf egg fettucine with this devine cheese
from Cowgirl Creamery a friend and fellow chef left behind.

Someone asked me yesterday if I drink a lot of coffee.
I said I don't drink any!
I've been sipping on fresh red clover blossom tea with a little mint lately.
Seems to do the trick. :0)

So, so gratefully,

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