Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Heart Wide Open

I don't think I can adequately describe the rush of life force
that has shot through me today as the earth relaxes its grip

the sun shines, the snow melts, the birds sing 

I drove to all my favorite farms picking up
chicken hearts, eggs, grass fed beef and luscious thick cream

As I drove on roads I've driven on hundreds of times
I felt that I was seeing everything for the first time

I thought of maple syrup and my garden

and came home to see my cold frames peeking out of the melting snow!

I leave tomorrow for Washington DC with four excited mentees from 
our Ready By 21 Mentoring program

and remembered what it was like when I was 16 and would
drive into Manhattan with my family

Seeing that sky line, feeling that electricity shoot through me
much like how I felt today

Isn't it wonderful how excited about life we can get?

Just by letting go of our minds and seeing
with our hearts wide open.

What a gift.
Something we can open over and over and over.

I came inside for a meeting with my graphic designer extraordinaire

We have just finished the wonderful project of designing a website
for Ready By 21 Mentoring
Check it out!

It is amazing for me to see in print
the comprehensive program that has been created.
I am so grateful.

We also worked on some new looks for Lily's House
to go along with new handmade qualities I'll be selling
Stay tuned!

Turn that mind off a little
Allow your hearts desire


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