Wednesday, June 11, 2014


" Your truth is your truth.
You don't have to make excuses. "

I'm taking this quote and running with it.
My truth -  healthy soil means healthy planet and healthy everything

- I don't need to make excuses for buying organic
and eating non gmo

The look on my guests faces when they eat what I make

And the elation I feel every time I crack
one of these beautiful organic eggs from my friend

and turn it into something luscious like this homemade mayo
is everything I need to believe.

I hope you have a chance to dance
barefoot in the grass as summer wraps her arms around us.

If you are around, stop by Lily's House
to share a moment and a smile

The Wine Bar will be open every Thursday from 4-7
The House Fair is all set for July 20th from 10 - 4
and I'll keep you posted on anything else we cook up


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