Saturday, November 9, 2013


Many of us speak about the artistry of hand made,
the power of supporting individual artists and
the inspiration shared by others beautiful work

 I experienced all of those things
so profoundly yesterday, that I feel the need to share

Following the suggestion of 
Chris Leith, owner and artist of Eggemoggin Textile Studio
I took some time out of my day to

The first booth that drew me in was FX Dressed
- handmade dresses -
at a very reasonable price.

I bought two thank you very much
from Jessi, the lovely woman who makes them
(and want to look like that in my garden next year)

I then came upon this appliqu├ęd tea towel
which, for obvious reasons, I could not pass up
(Unfortunately I can't find the girl's card who made it)

As I rounded the bend to Chris's booth
the energy coming from Circle Stone Designs
 across the way was incredible

The stone and hand hammered silver
jewelry by Anita Roelz really struck a cord,
I found just the right things to go with my new dresses!

Just when I think I can't have anymore fun,
Chris tells me that her pin cushion caddy has been
the topic of much conversation in her booth today
-and it is the one I made!!

"yes, I would be happy to send you one,
what colors do you like?"

Feeling giddy, Chris and I mosey down to Jody Meredith's
booth, Hard Boiled Designs, and start trying on hats.
Of course she found the perfect one for me

What do you think?!

I drove home so full of love and light.

I met new friends and felt like each one
had made something especially for me.
Plus, the money I spent went right into supporting
the lives of people
 creating beautiful things from their hearts.

How cool is that -

Here's hoping we can all keep it real this holiday season.

Enjoy your weekend!

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