Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In the Swing of Things

After months of planning what I'd like my working summer to 
look like things are starting to roll

It all started Monday with my first mowing of the season 
of the lower fields - my free fitness plan has begun :0)

I made scones and lemon squares yesterday morning for a small
catering and realized how much I've missed
creating some of my staples

For their lunch I made flatbread sandwiches with chorizo, peppers and onions
and added spring goodness from my garden to local goat cheese to finish them off

It was magical to be back out there foraging around again
and I must say I absolutely love to cook good food for people.
There is just no denying it.

The day was finished with my first "Quick Bite" cooking class

We made scallion pancakes and dipping sauce

They were a success!

I've been filling in my calendar on the Lily's House website
with more cool stuff like one day quilt workshops,
 a wine tasting at a farm, chef's dinners ...

I'm pretty excited 
Thank you so much for coming along!

Enjoy your day

p.s. the next "Quick Bite" will be Butterflied Chicken (from Old Ackley Farm of course)
with herb butter, roasted over spring onions

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